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Racor 320R-Rac-01 Kit

The 320R-rac-01 is one our most popular Racor units, it combines reliabilty, solid performance and a wopping 60 gallon per hour performance into a small compact package that will install quickly and easily in a multitude of applications. The clear bowl on the bottom of this unit makes checking and draining water out a breeze. Perfect for outboard applications, we also stock the Metal bowl version (12r-rac-02) for inboard gas applications.

Racor 320R-RAC-01 Spin-On Fuel Filter
Product ID: PR1414-04 MFG ID: 320R-RAC-01
Racor 320R-RAC-01 Gasoline Fuel Filter/Water Separators are designed for high-performance applications, which means your engine will perform better than ever with clean, water-free fuel.


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