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Teleflex HC5342 SeaStar Cylinder Outboard Engine Front Mount Cylinder


TELEFLEX Standard Outboard Engine Front Mount Cylinder
TEL HC5342

by: Teleflex

Teleflex HC5342 SeaStar balanced, even number of steering wheel turns from midship to hard over. Fits most big new outboard engines (except power assist models). Suitable for autopilot interface. Subject to splashwell/bracket depth clearance. Ultra corrosion resistant construction. Rigid tilt tube mount. Pivoted tiller connection allows full engine articulation. Bleeding fittings are integral with cylinder for greater durability. Teleflex HC5342 SeaStar Cylinder Package Independent engine tilt for twin engine installations Easy steering 5 turns lock to lock steering response General purpose system Single and multiple engine capability Total power to 600 HP Typical applications include center console fishboats and cruisers with Honda and Mercury.


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